SBYSC Constitution

South Belt Youth Soccer Club


June 8, 2005


This Association shall be known as the South Belt Youth Soccer Club (SBYSC), hereafter referred to as the Club.


The purpose of this Club shall be to develop, promote and administer the game of soccer among players under 19 years of age within the boundaries set by the Bay Area Youth Soccer Association (BAYSA). This shall include recruiting of players, collecting of fees and sponsorships, and any other legitimate activity appropriate to conducting a soccer program.


The representative colors of this club shall be Blue and White.


This Club shall be affiliated with the Bay Area Youth Soccer Association and any other organization in which membership is derived from membership in BAYSA.


Membership in the Club will be open to any person who is a coach or who is the parent of a registered child. No dues or fees will be charged adults unless members of teams. Fees or dues for players shall be established by the Club and be sufficient to defray the cost of the program. Club fees or dues may be changed from time to time as warranted by expenses and experience.


The officers of the Club shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President (D&P), Third Vice President (scheduler), Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary, Scorekeeper, Fields Manager and Uniforms Manager. These officers, along with the chairman of the standing committees, shall comprise the Board of Directors and are authorized to represent the Club between meetings. The term of the officers shall be for two years starting December 1st until the election and qualification of their successors. The President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Fields Manager and Uniform Manager shall be elected on odd years. The First Vice President, Third Vice President, Treasure, Register, and Scorekeeper shall be elected on even years.

SECTION A. Duties of the President

The President shall preside at all meetings and shall be the General Manager of the Club. Subject to approval by the members, the President shall appoint such committees as may be required for the proper operation of the Club. He/she shall submit an annual report of the operation of the Club at the December Meeting.

SECTION B. Duties of the First Vice President

The First Vice President shall act in the absence of the President with the same powers and authority. He/she shall oversee the standing committees and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned him/her by the Club.

SECTION C. Duties of the Second Vice President

The Second Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and the First Vice President and shall be the representative to the BAYSA Discipline and Protest (D&P) committee and shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Club.

SECTION D. Duties of the Third Vice President

The Third Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President, First Vice President and Second Vice President and shall be the representative to the BAYSA Scheduling Committee and shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Club.

SECTION E. Duties of the Secretary

The secretary shall keep the records and minutes of all meetings of the Club, shall give notice of meetings when required and shall have general custody of the records of the Club.

SECTION F. Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and account for all funds, which shall be kept in a bank or banks designated by the Club. He/she shall present reports of current finances at the regular meetings and shall prepare an annual report for the March Meeting which depicts the financial status of the Club and the transactions for the preceding year.

SECTION G. Duties of the Fields Manager

The Fields Manager is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of all soccer fields designated by the Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to, "cutting in"/marking the fields, mowing, painting the goal posts, procurement of marking material and other duties as may be assigned by the Club.

SECTION H. Duties of the Registrar

The Registrar is responsible for the yearly registration of players. He/she also will file the proper paperwork in a timely manner with BAYSA from these registrations. He/she will provide to the appropriate Club officers or coaches the information necessary to conduct the various drafts and to assist in team formation. After teams are formed he/she will maintain these files for the current year and at least two prior years. He/she will also perform such duties as may be assigned him/her by the Club.

SECTION I. Duties of the Uniform Manager

The Uniform Manager shall be responsible to procure bids and samples of uniforms for the Board of Directors to select from. He/she shall also be responsible for the procurement of the uniforms, the preparation of the same, the distribution to the respective teams and the proper storage of uniforms between seasons. He/she shall also perform such other procurement as may be assigned him/her by the Club.

SECTION J. Duties of the Scorekeeper

The scorekeeper shall be responsible for collecting game cards and processing game results as required by BAYSA. He/she shall also perform such other duties as may be assigned by the club.



The President shall appoint chairmen of standing committees required for the operation of the Club. These committee chairmen shall be members of the Board of Directors of the Club. Standing committees are:

Any other appointed standing committees will be by the approval of the Board of Directors. Those listed above may be combined by the Board of Directors for the most efficient operation of the Club. These chairmen shall have voting rights on the Board of Directors, but, in no case, will one individual have more than one vote.


The President shall appoint Division Captains who will have responsibility for distribution of information, coordinating field maintenance and other communications with respective divisional coaches:


Election of officers of the Club shall take place at the November meeting.

SECTION A. Balloting

Balloting shall be by the members, with each member casting one vote. At the request of any member, voting shall be by written secret ballots. In the case of secret ballot, the President shall appoint a committee from those present to collect, tabulate and report results of the balloting. The candidate with the most votes for a given position will be elected.

SECTION B. Nominations

The President shall appoint a nominating committee at the October meeting to seek out qualified candidates for offices for the coming year. Each member shall have the right to nominate candidates for any office. The nomination committee shall have the duty to ascertain from each nominee that, if elected he/she will be willing to serve. The nominating committee shall report it's results at the November meeting.

Nominations from the floor may be made during the election held at the November meeting with the provision that persons nominated from the floor shall be present and affirm their willingness to serve if elected, or, such person shall have stated this intention in writing and this intent is presented to the President at the time the nomination is made.

SECTION C. Filling of Vacancies

When vacancies occur in any offices of the Club, except the office of President, the President shall nominate a person to fill the vacancy and the nomination shall be approved by the membership at the next regular meeting. Should the membership fail to approve the nomination, the President shall select again, and the process shall continue until a successor has been confirmed. When the office of President becomes vacant, the First Vice President shall succeed to the office of President and the vacancy of the First Vice President shall be filled as above.


Unless specifically called out in this constitution and By-Laws, or State or National Association rules, Robert's Rules of Order (current edition) shall apply to conducting Club business at regular or special meetings.

ARTICLE 11. Meetings

The Club shall meet regularly on a monthly basis.

SECTION A. Regular Meetings

Regular meetings shall be scheduled at the regular time and place and made known to each member. No notice of regular meetings shall be required unless a change of time or place is required.

SECTION B. Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the President. Sufficient notice shall be given so that members may attend. The special meetings shall take up only the specific business for which the meeting was called.

SECTION C. Quorum Requirements

The number of members present at a regular or special meeting shall constitute a quorum for conducting business. A two-thirds majority of the members present will be required for approval of any motion.


Each member shall have one vote.

SECTION E. Minutes of the Meetings

The secretary shall record suitable minutes of each regular or special meeting and shall reproduce copies of these minutes for distribution to each member at the next regular meeting. Such minutes shall be offered by the secretary and any corrections, additions or deletions shall be made before acceptance by members. A complete set of the minutes shall be preserved by the secretary as a part of Club records.

SECTION F. Order of Business

The normal order of regular business meetings for the Club shall be as follows unless a change is moved and approved by the members:


This Constitution and it's By-Laws may be amended, altered, or repealed by two-thirds vote of total members present, provided that public notice of the meeting is given fourteen days prior to the meeting. Public notice shall consist of an announcement placed in a local newspaper. Further, should any substantive change be proposed in the amendment proposed at the meeting, the matter must be deferred until the next regular meeting.


When this Constitution is adopted by the Club, this Constitution and By-Laws shall supersede previous Constitutions, By-Laws and enactment's of.


SECTION A. Registration Fee

The Club shall have the authority to determine appropriate registration fees to permit it to carry out it's functions. These fees will cover such items as state and national registration fees for players, office expenses which are authorized by the Board of Directors, publicity and public relations expenses for the promotion of the Club and soccer activities, equipment, uniforms, trophies and awards, liability insurance for officers and coaches. Unless otherwise stated these fees shall be determined by the Board of Directors prior to registration of each new soccer season and will be collected at the time of the registration.

SECTION B. Non-Profit Status

The Club shall obtain and maintain a non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service and shall be in accordance with BAYSA.

SECTION C. Exempt Status for Texas Sales Tax

The Club shall obtain and maintain exempt status from the Texas Sales Tax.

SECTION D. Bonding of Club Officers

Officers of the Club who are authorized to collect and dispense Club funds may be bonded. Such bonding may be at the request of the individual or the Club.

SECTION E. Remuneration

All officers and Board of Directors will serve without pay or compensation.

SECTION F. Dissolution

Should the Club cease to exist, residual funds will be dispersed in accordance with the provisions of the BAYSA.


This Constitution and By-Laws that the Club deems necessary to add, change or delete should not be in conflict with the Constitution and By-Laws of BAYSA, where applicable.


At the discretion of the Board of Directors or the membership, the Club will conduct an annual fundraising campaign. The proceeds of this campaign shall be used solely for the purpose of field improvement or development and will not be used for general operating costs. Field improvement will include the purchase of such items as nets, flags, line markers, seed and other items of a permanent nature.



The objective of these team composition guidelines is to provide the means for each division to form teams in an orderly and systematic way. Unless specifically stated, these guidelines apply to Division IV (White), Division III (Red) and Division II (Blue) levels of play as defined below. Players who wish to play in Division I (Gold), will be encouraged to try out for the Bay Area Team in their division.

BY-LAW I: Age Group Divisions

Age divisions are comprised of players who are, on the first day of August of the current season:

Within these age divisions, various levels of playing skill and ability are displayed. Those players registered in the U-09/10 and below are considered to be in an introductory level and this level is designated as the Division IV (White) level of play. Those registered in U-11/12 and higher may play in Division II (competitive), or Division III (recreational) depending on the players’ skill level

BY-LAW II: Number of Players

The number of players shall be superseded by any BAYSA requirements. Each team shall be composed of a minimum and a maximum of registered players as follows:

Division or age group Ball Minimum Players Maximum Players

(II) U-13 and up




(III) U-13 and up #5


(II) U-11/12 #4


(III) U-11/12 #4 11 18
(IV) U-09/U-10 #4 8 12
(IV) U-07/U-08 #3 4 7
(IV) U-05/U-06 #3



No team in Division III (Red) or Division IV (White) level of play may be closed short of the maximum as long as registered players are available. Division III (Red) may have as many as eighteen (18) players, with the agreement of the coach. The coach's approval must be obtained to add players to a team after August 1 of the current season.

BY-LAW III: Player Assignment

Pure age/sex teams will be attempted in all age divisions with the exception of in-house teams. If 4 or more in-house teams can be formed for both boys and girls then pure age/sex teams may be created.

Younger players may play in the next higher age group, if in the opinion of the coach and the parents, the player concerned is ready, both physically and emotionally, to play with other players which in some cases may be as three years his/her senior. Board approval is required for such cases.

After the initial teams are formed and coaches selected and notified, the club registrar, with president approval will assign any new players. The coach's concurrence will be required if it is after August 1 of the current fall season..

BY-LAW IV: Player Selection

Players (U-11 and higher) who desire to play in Division II (Blue) may be required to participate in a skills evaluation "tryout", at the discretion of the designated coach or coaches for the particular Division II (Blue) team or teams the player is eligible for. The designated coach or coaches will select teams in accordance with the criteria defined in bylaw I.

Players not selected, or who do not desire, to play in Division II (Blue) will be assigned to Division III (Red) teams.

A team selection committee will be formed, chaired by the registrar, to form all Division IV and Division III teams. The teams will be formed to balance the total number of players equally for each age/sex group, honor player requests, neighborhood teams and organizational teams (Church teams, etc.). New players may be traded or reassigned after the initial selection process provided the consent of both coaches and the players (or their parents) is acquired and the teams retain a balanced distribution of players. All player trades, assignments, or reassignments are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Team assignments will be handed out in the July and February meetings.

Special player placement problems not covered by these guidelines will be handled on an individual basis by the concerned coaches or representatives and an elected official designated by the President. If the coaches or representatives cannot arrive at an agreement, the presiding Club official shall make a decision.

BY-LAW V: Draft Procedures

The date of the draft will be set so that the team rosters can be distributed no later than the July and Februrary members meetings.

The division IV and division III teams will be formed as follows:

The draft will be conducted as follows:

Late registration players:

BY-LAW VI: Division II (Blue) Level of Play

Division II (Blue) teams will be formed when there is sufficient interest among the players in a particular age division. Coaches for the Division II (Blue) teams shall be selected by the Board of Directors. Criteria to be considered in the selection process shall include:

BY-LAW VII: Recall Procedure

In the event any member decides an elected or appointed officer of this club is not fit to serve in the position to which they were elected, or appointed, for any reason, they may make a motion for recall at a regular club meeting. This motion must be seconded at the same meeting, and the motion added to the old business section of the agenda for the next scheduled monthly meeting, where a recall hearing will be heard by the members present. The motion will be publicized in the local paper.

At the meeting following the meeting where the motion for recall was made, the petitioner's will state their case for recall, siting incidents or acts of commission or omission warranting recall. The accused officer will then have the opportunity to answer the charges and offer any evidence on his (her) own behalf. Each side will be limited to twenty minutes. The president of the club will preside over the hearing unless he(she) is directly involved. In that case, the next highest officer of the club that is also present at the hearing shall preside.

After all evidence has been presented, a secret ballot shall be taken. The presiding officer shall appoint as many assistants as he(she) feels necessary to tabulate the ballots. A two thirds majority of the members present at the meeting is required for recall to be enforced.

In the event an officer is recalled, he(she) shall be replaced as prescribed in the constitution under the section for filling vacant positions.

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