SBYSC Frequently Asked Questions

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How much playing time will my child have at a game?
What if my child is not getting the 50% playing time?

Why do I need to put my e-mail address when I register?

Who will be the coach of my team?

Older questions:

I missed registration, can I still sign up?

Yes, if there is room on an existing team. You might miss a few games but we always accept players until the last 3 or 4 games. No, we do not discount the cost for missed games. Most of the fees are fixed and only the weekly maintenance costs are saved.

What else do I need to purchase?

Shin guards mandatory for practice and games. They can be bought at any sporting goods store such as Academy or Oshmans. These are the shin guards with either a hard plastic shell or sock like guards with the plastic splints (popcycle sticks) sewn into the front.

Any shoes the younger player can run in will be fine. As they become more skilled a good pair of soccer shoes is recommended. The turf or blade sole is better for running on the hard dirt and esker on the foot but might be a bit slippery on muddy fields. The older and more skilled players may have several different types of shoes depending on the field conditions.

The ball comes in 3 sizes.

    #3 for ages 4 to 7    (U-6 to U-8)
    #4 for ages 8 to 11  (U-9 to U-12)
    #5 for 12 and up.     (U-13 and up)

Some stores offer a package which includes shin guards, shoes and a ball.

What will I need to do as a parent?

As an adult member of SBYSC you are expected to participate in club activities. This ranges from helping the team (see Team Organization) to helping with club operations and tournaments.

When does the team practice?

Typically teams practice two times a week. The practice time should last about as long as a normal game. One hour for the youngest and 1 1/2 for the older players. The practice days are normally Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday with the Tue/Thus being the most popular. Practice times start at 6pm for the younger players and 7:30pm for the older players.

Where are the games?

All home games are played at either Beverly Hills Park or El Franco Lee Park. Typically teddy bear teams are played at home but sometimes we partnership with an adjacent club and play  games there. Older players play about 1/2 of the games at a home field and the remaining games at other clubs. Normally the travel time is 15 to 20 minutes or less. The farthest clubs are Galveston, Baytown and Crosby but it is unlikely you will travel that far.

When are the games?

In the Fall season games are played Saturday starting between 9am and noon. Some weekends the games may start as late as 4pm.  U-14 and older girls and U-16 and older boys play Sunday starting no earlier than 1pm. In the Spring season games are almost always played Sunday afternoon. Make-up games can be played at anytime, including week nights.

How much playing time will my child have at a game?

The rules require each child be allowed to play 50% of a game. There are exceptions but parents, opposing coach and referees must be made aware of the reasons for this before a game starts.

Why do I need to put my e-mail address when I register?

Your e-mail provides the club with the ability to communicate club related information to you though-out the year.

Who will be the coach of my team?

All coaches are volunteers. They are usually a parent on the team. No experience is necessary to be a coach and free coaching clinics are available for younger teams. The club is run by volunteers and depends on parents to function.

What do registration fees cover?

The registration fees vary depending on the age group. Every player pays the BAYSA fee which covers USYSA player registration, player accident insurance, and for older teams BAYSA operations and referee expenses.

What are my responsibilities?

You are expected to bring your children to all practices and games on time and will all needed equipment. The club will provide a fall uniform consisting of a shirt, shorts and socks that must be worn at all games. Adequate water is required for every practice and game. See what else do I need to purchase.

What if my child is not getting the 50% playing time?

Talk to the coach. He maybe unaware of the problem. Offer to help track players game time.

If no results after talking to the coach then contact a club officer who will talk to the coach.

Last resort, a club officer will monitor the next game to verify the playing time rule is being followed. If not then the board will hold a special meeting to sanction the coach.

What does gold/blue/red/white or division I / II / III / IV mean?

This is used to indicate levels of play.
White / division IV - U-10 and below, instructional level of play
Red / division III    - U-11 and up, recreational level of play
Blue / division II     - U-11 and up, competitive level of play, selected by coaches using try-outs
Super Blue             - U-11 and up, more competitive level of play for blue teams
Gold / division I      - U-11 and up, top blue teams selected by record or tournaments

My child decided not to  play, can I get a refund?

If the season has not started and the uniform is returned in original condition you may be eligible to receive a full refund. Once a player ID card has been created (about August 1st in the Fall and February15th in the Spring) your refund is reduced by $40.

What does this U-xx stuff mean?

The U-xx stands for under xx. For example U-08 means players who were 7 or younger as of July 31st. If they turn 8 on August 1st they are still a U-08 player.

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