KidSafe Cards

If you have not registered go to and follow the KidSafe links to the on-line registration.

Adults who are denied

STYSA will first attempt to call you to discuss any negative findings. Almost all are approved after the phone calls. If you do not return the calls you will be denied and a letter will be sent.

If you get a letter, do not panic. The limited information given for the background search is not perfect and may falsely identify you as a known criminal. The appeal process is used to gather more specific personal data to validate or invalidate the initial match. If the match is confirmed it is still possible to be accepted once specific details of your case are known to the Kidsafe committee.

Already the KidSafe program has identified individuals within the BAYSA association who did not pass the initial background check. Some have already started the appeal processes and most appeals will be cleared.

A copy of a denial letter can be found here.


Last updated 21 April, 2011